The Queensland Genomics Health Alliance

D Bunker

Queensland Genomics Health Alliance

The Queensland Genomics Health Alliance (QGHA) will drive collaboration between the states health system and research and academic communities. As a patient-centred and clinically-led entity, the QGHA will fully evaluate the ways that genomics can improve health outcomes for Queenslanders, and build the case for accelerated implementation. Approximately 4,000 genes have been shown to cause disease or affect response to treatment, while a further 6,500 have been implicated. Clinicians are now starting to rely on information about a patient's genes to inform decisions around patient care and disease prevention. Advances in technology mean that all of a person's genes can now be sequenced at once for much the same cost as sequencing only a single gene. The genomic data generated from sequencing can be stored and then analysed multiple times, for both clinical care and research purposes. Genomic sequencing has enormous potential, but there are a number of challenges to overcome:

These challenges have meant that health systems around the world are making ad hoc decisions about how to use genomic information. The QGHA presents a significant opportunity to systematically address these key challenges in the context of a series of Demonstration Projects and associated Capability-building Work-Stream Projects.