DivSeek – a community driven effort to harness the genetic potential of genebanks

RM Bastow

Global Plant Council

Diversity Seek (DivSeek) is a community driven effort that aims to unlock the potential of crop diversity stored in genebanks around the globe for food and nutritional security, and societal and economic benefits. Divseek seeks to establish a world-wide community of practice to define standards regarding the acquisition, storage, retrieval and analysis of genotypic, phenotypic and environmental data related to plant genetic resources. Currently 67 partners organizations including funding bodies, universities, NGOs and government departments have come together to help DivSeek meet its mission which is to bridge the information requirements of gene bank curators, plant breeders and upstream biological researchers to facilitate the use of plant genetic variation to accelerate the rate of crop improvement and furnish food and agricultural products to the growing human population.